Admin Info Page

This page was created at install time and serves as a reminder to the administrator as to where things were put at install time, in case you have forgotten.

Excite Install Home: /home/drloco/excite
This is where the Excite executables, indexes, stem and stop tables, document collection .conf files, and perl library r is where the tar file you received was unpacked into.

Excite Admin Home: /home/drloco/public_html/excite/html
This directory contains the Excite HTML documentation, Excite logo GIF files, and is the destination directory for the HTML fi840P>
HTML Root: /home/drloco/public_html
This is the directory you specified at install time as the directory that your HTTP server looks under for all of the H under this directory, so that they are accessible by your browser.

cgi-bin: /home/drloco/public_html/excite
This is where the CGI aministration and query scripts that Excite for Web Servers uses are stored (AT-admin, AT-config.cgi, AT wish to move them out of your cgi-bin directory, you may do so. Of course, if you do move them, you may have to configure your 840/DL>